About Us

At Kylie’s Pet Services, as dedicated and professional pet sitters, we understand that your pets are family members. There can be times when your work/life balance means you can’t always be home for them, or you want to go on holiday and know that your pet is in safe hands. We know that you want them cared for with the same love, care and attention that you would give them yourself.

We hope our dedication to both our clients and their pets shines through in the flexible, personal dog sitting that Kylie’s Pet Services offers.

We’re fully insured, professional dog sitters and licenced by Milton Keynes Council. Why not read what our customers have been saying about our services here?

At Kylie’s Pet Services, we don’t just care for your pets, we treat them as our own.



Meet Kylie

So, how have I got to be lucky enough to be doing a job I love, spending my days looking after all kinds of wonderful and interesting animals? Initially, my working life was very different as I had opted for a career in recruitment which took me to all kinds of interesting places as my remit covered Dublin to as far away as Kuala Lumpur.  I enjoyed this immensely, however, I did begin to question whether the corporate world was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my working life in. There was something missing….especially as with all this travel, I just couldn’t have a pet of my own.

I have always had an affinity and love of animals and always had a variety of pets in my household, including dogs, cats, chickens, fish and horses until a few years ago.  I grew up in the Northern Territory of Australia and spent nearly all my time outside playing with the mix of animals we had. Upon moving to the UK I had a miniature dachshund who was very old and fragile and it was a nightmare when we wanted to go away.  We had to put him in a kennel a couple of times and he fretted and was in a terrible state after a few days.  We looked around for alternatives but found nothing suitable.  Certainly nowhere we would want to leave our precious and much-pampered pet!

This got me thinking that perhaps this was a service that I could offer that would provide a provision people would value and at the same time bring me the job satisfaction that I was missing. Eventually, I decided to give up my job and set myself up as a Pet Sitter and Dog Walker and I have since begun to study to become a Dog Behaviour Practitioner. As my business grows and develops, I thank my lucky stars I made the decision to go with my heart and do what I love doing.  I have never looked back.  I don’t think there are many people who can say they love their work as much as I do……now how lucky am I??

Meet Paula

So how did I make the transition to become a pet sitter?? It started by me initially just filling in for Kylie to help out when she was away or fully booked and her regular clients needed someone as caring and dog mad as Kylie to care for their precious pooches.  

As I would often go out walking with Kylie I had got to know the dogs so for me it was a bit of a treat to have them come to stay for the weekend. We had always had dogs and pets but as life moved on and I found myself working full time and often long hours it just didn’t seem fair to have a dog of my own so this was my doggie fix! In the past I did a number of different jobs but after studying psychology and then my CIPD qualification I decided to go into Human Resources.

Over the years I worked for a variety of organisations from pharmaceuticals to psychiatric healthcare (providing me many entertaining tales to tell!).  Dealing with all the people issues an organisation can throw up can be fascinating but there comes a time when it’s time for a change and pet sitting suddenly became a realistic option, so here I am.

Like Kylie I have always had an affinity with animals. I just love all the different quirks and personalities each dog brings. I haven’t looked back since making the change and am forever telling myself how lucky I am to have found such a lovely way to spend my days!